Unit of work


Introducing 2D shapes - unit of work

by Melanie Bezear, Calwell Primary School, ACT

Students develop their knowledge of 2D shapes. They explore basic arrangements of shapes, where groups of shapes are placed together and visualised from different angles.

Educational value
  • Provides a pedagogical framework for a series of lessons about 2D shapes.
  • Includes ways of integrating TLF digital curriculum resources and other ICT materials into classroom practice.
  • Includes a list of all print, digital and other resources needed to teach the unit.
  • Includes printable worksheets, and rubrics for assessment.
  • Offers availability in either .doc or .pdf formats to allow teachers to edit to suit their classroom context.
Learning objectives
  • Students recognise, names sort and represent 2D shapes.
  • Students visualise and sketch objects and sets of objects from different viewpoints.
Curriculum area
  • Mathematics, Space, Measurement and geometry
Year level
L588 Shape maker: stacker
L588 Shape maker: stacker

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