Learning Object Details - The night of the bilby: find food

Start: The night of the bilby: find food
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Description Look at a desert environment where bilbies and other animals live. Listen to a description of the habitat. Help bilbies to gather food such as seeds, bulbs and spiders. Avoid being eaten by predators such as cats and foxes. Find enough food before the night ends. Then find a burrow to shelter in. Notice that rabbits compete for the same resources as bilbies. This learning object is one in a series of three objects.
Stages 1
Topics Predation , Nocturnal behaviour , Bilbies , Burrows , Cats , Deserts , Endangered species , Food availability , Foxes , Populations (Ecology) , Rabbits
Learning Area Studies of Society and Environment , Science
Strand: Science\Life and living , SOSE\Natural and social systems
Skills Process Knowledge , Comprehension , Application
Student Activity Interactives , Games , Experiment
Operating System MacOS (X) , MS-Windows (2000)
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