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Super! The family: family occupations

Super! The family: family occupations


Super! was first published by Curriculum Corporation in association with The New South Wales Department of Education and Training. © Commonwealth of Australia 2000


Listen to Katrin's questions to Eric about the occupations of members of his family. Listen to Eric's descriptions and match members of his family to their correct occupations. Score points for each correct answer.


  1. Click on the turtle to hear instructions.
  2. Roll over each family member to hear their name.
  3. Drag each family member into an occupation window to hear what they do.
  4. Move each family member into different windows to hear Eric's descriptions.
  5. Click on Eric or Katrin to repeat a phrase.
  6. Click and hold the Deutsch button to see the German text.
  7. Click and hold the English button to see the translation.
  8. Click on the cube to play the game.
  9. Click on the turtle to repeat the game instructions.
  10. To play the game, listen to Eric's description of each family member's occupation.
  11. Drag and drop each family member's picture onto the correct window.
  12. Click on the smile to repeat a phrase.
  13. For each correct answer you will get 5 points. For each incorrect answer you lose 5 points from your bonus.
  14. Click on the cube to return to the introduction.
  15. Click on the arrow to restart the game.